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  1. Hi,

    My butt gets a bit sore after riding for an hour or so. Getting off for a few minutes helps but I was wondering if either getting a gel seat pad or having the seat modified might help.

    I found a company called Mean City Cycles that takes your seat and changes the padding. They offer several types of modifications based on your height and weight. Do any of you have any experience with this company. If so, did you like what they did ... did it improve riding comfort.

    Any one use a gel pad on top of the stock seat. Any good?


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    Mean City has a great reputation for rebuilding seats. They have an appt. program with a turn around time so you know what to expect. No experience with the top pads.....
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    Several members here have used Mean City and are pretty happy. I'm sure they'll chime in with their experiences.
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    I've also heard good things about Mean City seat mods. I have a gel pad that I use on my Dyna, and used on my Electra Glide before I got a Mustang seat. It is an improvement. A lot of people also say the Airhawk seat pad works well. The Mustang seat is a lot firmer and comfy for a lot of miles. It was also pricey.
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    What are you riding is my first question????? And are you using the O.E. seat.
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    I had them do the h.d. signature series seat on my heritage. I have only rode 185 miles in a stretch but never got sore. I don't know what 300 miles would do. I had the gel pad and memory foam put in. It is cool to just call them and talk to them. Very nice people and will tell you everything you want to know.

    Oh yeah it was Mean City Cycles.
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  9. Hi,

    Thanks for all the reply 's. The bike is a 2005 Ultra Classic with the stock seat.

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    Mean City will ask you weight, height and several other questions to get it right the first time