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Seat Choices

Hi All,
Just wanted to let people know I just put a Mustang Wide super touring seat on my 1994 flstc ( ya I know it's old but we have a real love affair going on)
1st I was absoutly blown away with the quality of this seat. 2nd the fit was perfect. Old Stock seat off and new on on in about 2-3 minutes no exageration. And the very first ride had me asking myself what took you so long to do this. Well all I ever knew on any of the bikes I owned was stock seats. And for me the stock seat on this bike was pretty comfortable. But the wife and I are doing a lot of two up these days and honestly my wife loves to ride and would endure almost anything ( including being stuck on a bike with me) Last ride she asked is there anything a little more comfortable and I honestly had never even thought about it. I said I'm not sure but lets find out. This site was obviously my first stop. Lots of great advice from everyone. Dollar amount was never a consideration I just wanted something that might offer a little more comfort and look like it belonged on this bike.
I was lucky enough to see a video of a seat being made by Mustang and I new that was the one I wanted to try. Seat looks just like the stock seat except again I have to mention the quality is about ten times better. I really think I hit a homerun with this one. I hope it stands up because even if I decide to get something new, My son has been eyeballing this one for a long long time and we have no need or desire to part with this one. Well just wanted to share this and my best to all.