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    I have a 2005 RK and noticed oil accumulating at the bottom of the junction of the inner and outer primary covers. At first glance I thought the primary oil was leaking. I pulled the inspection cover and that was not the case. Upon further inspection, I see that the leak is behind the inner primary, namely the transmission. It appears that the shift shaft seal is leaking. I the transmission was 8 oz low. I have done a bunch of research, and I am going to attempt to replace the seal myself. The question is the other day I was coming up to a red light. I was doing about 40 when I pulled in the clutch and shifted to neutral. The light turned green, I pulled the clutch and went to shift into second. The bike would not shift to second. I tried again, and again but nothing. The clutch was all the way to the grip. I had to stomp it to get it to shift to second. That is what made me start looking. I refilled the tranny, changed the primary and engine oil. Took her for a ride last night and had the same problem, except I didn't stomp on her to get her into second. I just kept slowing down until it shifted like it should. So, is this a transmission problem, or am I going to fast to shift back into second?????
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    Transmission needs to be loaded while moving. Going into nuetral while coasting up to a stop is a bad pratice for a couple of reasons.
    1) If acceleration needed to get out of trouble you can not.
    2) Trying to engage a transmission while moving at speed from nuetral would be nearly impossible. The faster the coast the harder it will be to engage.
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