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Seabiscuit Down !


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We were waiting for the Ferry to take us across the river when Debbie shifted her weight for the photo and the bike went down. She looks like she escaped but did not as her leg got caught and pulled her down with the bike on top her leg. I snapped the pic just as they tobbled over. Debbie got a small bruise on her knee and luckily was otherwise unhurt. Her leathers saved her some rash. Don't let the pic fool you, I was fast as lightening getting to her and the bike off her leg. Seabiscuit's passing light got a dent, mirror got loosened and handle bars knocked downward some, otherwise it was ok too. Could of been avoided had I not left her on ground that banked slightly off the right side. In the end we had a good 250 mile ride today.
WoW Dude! Does she know you posted that pic?...My wife would kick my butt! Glad she ok. Hope it did not scare her.:11:
That's not a good sight to see ,a bike on it's side. Glad Debbie is OK and minimal damages too.