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SE race tuner vs efi race fueler with SE map


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I have a 06 deuce TC88 EFI, pretty much stock. I have some screamin eagle pipes to put on, new air cleaner and have purchased the SE race fueler for this model. The questions i have are: with keeping the bike stock as far as cams, pistons, timing, cylinders, will a SE race fueler be enough to adjust for the air flow? I see Harley says it's sufficient but with longer jet flow does the timing have to be adjusted? There are parts stores now selling Harley SE ECMs from Harley, for plug in. What changes are made to these maps?
I've heard the SE ECM's are still a little on the lean side.

I could go with the SE Race tuner, but the cost is very high, but of course you get a system to handle all aspects of the engine.

just weighin my options. any help.
The race fueler will work well and only adjusts the fuel which is what is needed on most bikes with the addition of pipes and intake. The SERT is a good piece of equipment but not really needed unless you build the engine up with cams, heads and other parts and then it becomes a great choice.

With the addition of intake and exhaust and fuel enrichment you can gain 8-10 HP and torque also and have a great running bike.

your bike should run with out a problem if you just use the pipes and air intake. ive done 5000 miles with out any remaping and its the best its run.
the bike now has se 203 cam in it with the race fuel, the only way to set the fueler up is on a rolling road to get it fueling right
my bike now runs with out any back fire on over run, if you want urs to run at its best use the fueler and have it set up on a rolling road
the bike is a 2007 streetbob. it now putting out 97.4 ft-lb at the rear wheel
and 94.6 hp at the rear wheel the cam is a realy good upgrade :newsmile042::D