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    I am new to HD talking and hope this is the correct way to post or start a thread. If I am doing something incorrect or wrong please tell me

    I have a SE Pro Super Tuner 32109-08 and would like to use it on more than one of my bikes. I have read the manual and it says the tuner marries to the VIN number of the first application and can only be used on that bike. Does anyone out there know of any way to reset or reprogram these tuners back to original settings so it can be used on another bike? Does anyone know if there is a license fee for multiple use of these tuners? I have asked about this at my local dealer and they say one use only. I sometimes question what the dealer parts person tells me as they have misinformed me in the past. Due to the $550 cost of the tuner I would hate to pass up the opportunity to use it for more than one bike if possible even if I had to pay a nominal fee for the second usage.
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    It will marry itself to only 1 bike, the 1st. one it is connected to. The unit can be shipped back for re programing from what I've heard, but may come back still married to original bike. Don't know the cost. I've also heard you can hook it up to any HD to read codes etc. but can not change any setting. It would only work as a diagnostic type tool. I had one on my '06 FLHTCUI and was going to try it for diagnostics on a friends '07 FLHTCUI but never did.

    By the way welcome to HdTalking. Enjoy and lots of good info here.
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    32109-08( CURRENT SUPERCEDE DESIGNATION IS C...) HENCE 32109-08C, IS A ONE BIKE DEAL BUT REPROGRAMMABLE FOR EACH TUNING MAP YOU CHOOSE AS YOU UPGRADE AND REFINE YOUR BIKE. ITS CURRENT COST IS $479.95, NOT $550. THERE ARE ALSO VARIOUS SOFTWARE AND WIRING PACKAGES AVAILABLE FOR YOU TO PLUG INTO YOUR LAPTOP AND SEE EXACTLY WHAT YOU MAY BE DEALING WITH. Either way, each tuner is "married" to only one machine but with the software packages you can do so much more than the average user, IF you know what you are doing.....
    The part numbers are available from the current accessory catalogue or the Screaming Eagle supplement. Good luck.