SE Pro Stage 4 103 kit

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    Just wondering a couple things about this kit. Do all the parts such as the ACRs come in the kit? Also what can I expect for numbers from this kit. I know there are better aftertmarket kits but with the 2500 dollar gift card I got with the purchase of my 2011 Wide Glide and 25% off parts I choose this kit. Later on I will have Big Boyz clean up the heads and such and put some Woods cams in but for now going to stay with the way it is. I don't have much faith in all the YouTube (EDIT) and such but just want a honest opinion on the power of this kit. My 96 RK with Big Boyz heads Woods W6H 2 into 1 TH Lims roller rockers and stuff makes close to 90 hp and just over 90 for torque so hoping to see at least 100/100 out of this kit. Thanks for all the replies. Mark

    Please read and understand the info in this link...
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    Can't help you with numbers or ACR but I always thought a Stage 4 would be a little much for a street bike. (low end drive-ability issues).

    Any plans for the pressed crank pin?