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SE II ? kidna confused


E-Bay speacial 80339-00a SE II mufflers. Everything I found about these said would fit 00 and later soft tail with shorties I have an 03 night train. Put the mufflers on today and not so good rear good fit aimed out with SE logo facing out front not so good it mounts 90 deg. away tried brakets diff ways no luck. Am I doing something wrong ?????????:dknow
what pipes did you get because the one for a fatboy soft tail are diff from
your soft tail. and the brakets are diff
The 80339-00a don't have the cross over tube built in I don't think. Where would logo end up if you swapped the mufflers on the pipes? Would the bracket still line up?
I looked at pics with SE mufflers installed and the one with 2 brackets is on the front SE logo on the rear muffler thats how I installed instructions don't really help. I know these will not fit fatboy / Duece modles. You are right Glider no cross over.
Is there any down side of when eliminating the crossover pipe?.

On some systems it's functional for scavenging but on other systems it's for EPA and reduces the exhaust note out the rear by using both mufflers for each cylinder power pulse.
does your pipes have the cross over in them i kniow the fatboy and the hertige have them. what if you changed the to upper pipes and put a
exhaust bracket from a fatboy would that work
The cross over on the fatboy(45* angle) will be different and will not fit on your Heritage(90*angle). I just returned a set of SEII slipons that came off the 04 fatboy, I though they will fit on my 04 heritage but they won't.
Problem solved mismatched pair from factory going to find another set with cross over these have an unbalanced sound at speed. Good thing they only cost 99.00 with shipping. Live and learn and Ride.