SE Heavy Breather position?

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    I've read & read everything I can find on the subject of the SE HeavyBrthr and have found no mention of whether or not they will rotate up or down.. I have the lowers on my engine guard and seems a breather may not fit there in front of the lower while in a level forward position.. if the breather will rotate clockwise to a more downward say 120 or 130 degree drop it would still breath well enough but does the tubes bracket or however it hooks in there.. rotate??

    I haven't got one yet, but am considering the options and comparing the information on Heavy Breather vs. a flat style A/c..

    Also I'm new here, so if I've posted this in the wrong place please bare with me while I am still figuring this forum out.. some of the other threads on this topic say they are closed. So, I'm almost afraid to ask any questions anywhere as I don't yet know if subjects or topics have been covered before and I may end up being in some sort of forum type trouble for repeating a subject or putting up a question in the wrong place.. well.. here goes..

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    The notch in the neck in the link that Don posted looks like it would be stationary but that's not to say it couldn't be modified if you so prefer.
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    Thank you for the quick response & the link, HDDon..

    OK!! I see the little slots in the flange of the (#12)intake tube.. and the (#8)flathead screws that slip past those little notches to hold the tube in its horizontal forward position.. maybe though.. one could file some new notches in that flange and alter the position.. maybe.. the whole unit is not all that long and it wont be an issue in the first place.. though I don't see anything that states how long the unit is as a whole..

    I wonder if anyone has ever put one on an Electra-glide without issues.. I like the idea that they offer up more space for your knee.. but I'm not willing to loose my lowers.. those glove boxes get used.. lol..

    Yes!! Glider.. you are right?? I hope!! ..
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    Welcome to The Forum, hope your install goes good, maybe a few pictures so others can see the install:woe
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    I thought HD made a shorter version HB specifically for touring w/lowers...??
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    I went through this same problem not to long ago, the heavy breather can be set up to stand straight up. However; you need to make a plate that will move it out a little or it will hit the tank the other option is to spend a couple bucks and buy the shorter filter that fits with the lowers.
    I researched this till I was blue in the face. I called K&N for the filter and ever other manufacturer of filters and unless you are in europe the only way to get the short filter is through HD. They have some sort of exclusive rights to it. There are a lot of K&N filters that come close but none fit just like the HD one.
    Follow this link of my previous issues with this ( you may have to cut and past it).
    The Saga of the Short Filter - Harley Davidson Community

    This link also: Filter from the United Kingdom - Harley Davidson Community
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    Thanks to all who contributed to the cause in here.. I've a new question, so I get one of those shorter filters that I found as a result of searching out the above suggested leads, and find that because there is reduced over-all material for air to pass through.. I really haven't increased the intended airflow but rather only changed the look and or comfort. Seems like a stock filter would have more material for that air to pass through than a shorter version of the H/B, maybe defeats the purpose.. I bet somewhere they do make a shorter version of the sock though too... lol...

    I suppose I could just get me a piece of pipe and extend that H/B by just bending some elbow and more pipe and run that puppy clear out over the top of that pesky little lower.. maybe even put a kurry-hack'n butterfly scoop up there at the top.. lol.. reminds me of those old Rat-Fink drawings from way back in the day.. I love that rat.
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    While a stock filter may physically be bigger, the surface area and the material the Heavy breathers and K&N type filters are better quality and can pass more air because of their design and the less restrictive media they are made of:s