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screw in tire


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noticed a screw in front tire of springer classic it is not leaking now, I'm headed to leesburgh tomorrow, should I plug it, leave it and forget about it or change tire, it is a new tire. I understand the risk.
Change the tire, live to ride another day.
I carry a plug kit on trips and have used it, but kept speeds below 35mph till I got to a shop for a replacement.
Springer classic...

You have spokes on

Can't plug tires on spokes, they have a tube.

Some patch/replace but for safety sake I would replace it.

Plugging should be a temp fix to get you home in any event and there should be a replacement tire on the way.

Unlike cars that have 4 wheels, bikes are less forgiving when a damaged tire takes an early retirement while you are riding.

What cost would you put on your life as opposed to the cost of a new tire?
I worked in the shop most of the night making dyno pulls & writing a new map for a friends Fatboy, He bought a Jims 120 and sent it to Branch for Pro street build. Made 165hp & 156ftq at 6400rpm on 93 pump gas.
That's some nice healthy numbers for sure.
More HP than TQ?

Huge cams and ports. If this wasn't a "B" motor numbers would be better. But a 6500rpm limit stops that.
It didn't start coming on the cam till 4000rpms.
I would have chosen 60G cams instead of the 64Gs he used.
Agreed, 4K is a bit high to start working. How much is anyone going to constantly ride over 4K to utilize the power.

B motors spinning 6500....eeeeeeeowwwww