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    I have upgraded to a sreaming eagle aircleaner and bought a set of sreaming eagle mufflers to put on this winter.Has anyone down the download from harley for this?If so how much did it cost.Would it be better to use some of the tuners offered.I have a 2009 nightster.Thanks Cliff
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    The download from the dealer is still on the lean side and the cost is about $150 +/- depending on the dealer.

    I would suggest the TFI or Gen 3 which is adjustable by the user and will give you much better results.Easy installation and set up too.

    See the write up's on some installations here...
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    There's many topics on the TFI/Gen3 in this section...

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    And a discount link for the unit here...

    Dobeck Test Evaluations. - Harley Davidson Community