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    I have a question, I have a 2012 Streetglide with the 103. I am wanting to improve throttle response, torque, and a little horsepower. Everyone I talk to has a different suggestion and everyone are seasoned HD owner/riders.
    One says Thundermax, one says Screaming eagle stage I with a HD download, and one says programmer/headpipes/new air filters.
    What are the pros and cons of each? I am new to the site, if this is already been answered somewhere, just point me in the right direction. I would like some info on all the options and then I would decide which way to go. Thanks

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    It depends on How you ride your bike?

    High RPM or do you do it at low to medium RPM? (Thinking you would like Torque on the low end) That is where the SE255 cams really SHINE... That would do more than Most parts put into a bike but the BORE/Head-work...

    At 106? Do you have compression releases stock? what cams are in your bike now??? Some came with SE255's...

    Right now, I have a recent 103 with V&H slip-ons and a SE air. Gaterman lifters and SE adjustable PRods, SE255 cams using the full compliant cam bearings(Ina's out) Using a GOOD tune and a SE Off Road Tuner. Jagg 6 row thermo oil cooler.

    I would Not change a thing. It does Move... SMILE

    IF you only want Exhaust and intake air? Then a tuner to UN-Lean what you did...

    I TRULY would skip the HD download program...

    Get back with more information and we'll go from there.

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    Recently put a set of 255 cams in my 2009 Road Glide, with SE air filter kit,Reinhardt pipes and a TFI tuner, :) big difference on the bottom end get up and go.
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    Cromedome's setup is a good example of a Stage I upgrade with the addition of a cam set. His is an '09 model so no cat in the head pipe. The formula for a Stage I upgrade is free flowing exhaust and A/C along with fuel adjustment to add fuel; a cam set moves you into Stage II category with big bore kits and cams.

    Upgrade your exhaust; I like the Fuel Moto X-pipe and their Jackpot mufflers for that upgrade. The SE high flow A/C is more than adequate. If you opt for a cam set, I would choos the SE204 over the SE255 but that is based on my riding style. The 255 is stronger than the 204 off idle but fades above 4000rpm where the 204 is still making power. I believe your bike already has ACRs but if not, a simple upgrade and you should install them if you don't have them.

    If that is as far as you want to go, the Dobeck TFI, Gen 3 will save you some $$ over the more sophisticated systems like Thundermax, SERT, SEST, Powervision, etc. DIY install and tuning using the butt dyno.:bigsmiley20:
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    Thanks for the info
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    As of right now, I am leaning toward Low resistance air filter, header pipes, and a Daytona Twin Tec LLC. Anyone one know anything about the Daytona programmer?
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