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    I know it doesnt least not to my knowledge....But it seems that about every Harley model has a Screamin Eagle version ie: Softail Springer, Duece, Road King, Dyna, Fat Boy, ect...I think it would be awesome to make one out of like a XL1200C. Just was thinking about it and thought I would see what you guys thought about it, and maybe one of these years get lucky and they make one....

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    Kinda funny that the most popular model MOCO has sold over the years is given very little ink with regards to factory customs...but I guess they use the ol' GM Chevy Nova from the sixties as the "marketing strategy model", knowing that if they offer a basic model with high chrome or flat black look, the AFTERMARKET manufacterers will fill in the void so MOCO can keep the base price as low and coverage as broad as possible.

    Apparently that marketing strategy works...although as early as this year, they are provideing the all black Nightster as their version of a "factory custom"...! You will notice also, complete engines are provided for all EXCEPT the Sportster in either 883 or 1200 livery...probably because they cannot justify the cost of the motor brand new would be over 1/2 the price of a new Sporty off the showroom floor, making it a tough sell.
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    I think there area couple of reasons the motor company won't do an SE Sportster.

    First of all, they would over-price it, and the market probably isn't there.
    Second, it would embarass all the rest of there product. Nothing else in their line could touch it-if they did it right

    It is possible to approximate an SE model--at least performance wise--by building a 1250 cc conversion or doing an 88".

    As they say, there are two types of big twins in the world--those who have been whipped by Sportsters, and those who will be!:D

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    THE $14,000 Sportster!:14:
  4. Hey guys I have this Screaming eagle sportster you guys talk about. I Bought it new in 1999 from Mason City Iowa. We have seen only one other bike lke this and it was also sold from there. It came stock with everything screming eagle and every one of those little fastners on it covering the hex bolts that say h-d ill load pics of it up tom mine has 12,000 miles on it and was given to me by my father who bought it new in 1999 or 1998. Ill put pictures of it up tom. If anyone else can find out how many of these were made i would gladly appriciate it. Thank you
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    I have a 99 SE sportster and as far as sportys go it is quick. Comes stock with adjustable shocks front and rear four plug system and tons of other stuff. i have a few pictures in my album feel free to check it out.
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    Curious why you refer to your bike as a SE sportster, as far as I know there was never a SE (CVO) sportster made.

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    I bot a 2006 sportster 1200 ROADSTER

    That comes with high performance (SE) heads-cams-compression is higher and is pretty HOT out of the box...
    07 was the last year made

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    From what I've found, the only "Stock SE" Sportsters are dealer installed. The dealer may market and sell it as a SE version with full warrenty but, it doesn't come from the factory that way.

    I think that's just what keeps the myth alive!

    Even though every model can be customize to an individual's tastes, I think HD leaves the Sporty alone because of cost. If you want to enter the world of HD, there are several versions available (Iron, Night, C, XR, Low) and then go nuts making it your own. spending your $$$ to upgrade. They probably looked at the MSRP of a SE/CVO version and thought they better keep the bike displayed away from the Dynas. JMHO.
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    You have a valid point there with the cost. The sporties are priced lower in the lesser trim (883) than the lowest dyna for example and with the CVO bikes, the price tag is usually about 10K more than the standard bike of the same line. I can't imagine a 1200 SE sportster for $22,000 being a very popular bike .

    Also adding some SE parts to a standard model factory bike does not make it a SE model. This can be verified through the VIN number.