Screamin eagle 80503-07 exhausts where to buy

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by artisan, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. artisan

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    hi guys,i really want a set of these mufflers but can't buy them over here & i've been told that H D dealers in the U.S.A. will not ship these to the U.K. :(
    have you guys any idea where i could buy a set of these from ?
    i had a set of these on my Nightster & loved them,real nice sound but not over loud,my dealer reccomended some Rush slipons but i'm sure they would be too loud for me.
  2. gator508

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    I'm surprised HD won't ship to the UK you may want to look further into that. You could try Ebay, Craig's List.

    I have Rush on my softail 3", while they are louder than stock, they are not obnoxious.
  3. Jack Klarich

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    A lot of dealers here are pushing Rush over Screaming Eagle, I guess there must be more mark up, Odd that if the SE are still available here that you cannot get them across the pond. I had Rush on my Streetbob til it got wrecked, The Exhaust was replaced by insurance I kept the Rush and sold them, tho I did like the sound
  4. xcavater

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    Get someone to buy them here in the US and ship them over. If you don't know anyone, I'd be glad to do it for you.
  5. Iceman24

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  6. artisan

    artisan Active Member

    thanks for the replies guys & thanks for the offer Xcavater very kind.

    i emailed Surdyke who confirmed that HD will not allow any dealer to ship these abroad & that they ask any US customer not to ship anything overseas either.
    the SE's are not available in Europe at all which is a shame,however i don't think the wife is too keen on me changing the pipes just yet quoting "haven't you spent enough buying the bike already" oops,i know who wears the trousers in my house & i must say they look mighty fine on her too. :)
    so i may just leave it a while then maybe check out some Rush slipons.
  7. fin_676

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    When some parts arrive at my house wife always asks what i have been buying now and i always explain that i was a wee bit worried about a noise i heard her bike making so i thought i had better replace the relevant parts
    As i am chief mechanic in our house the needs of her bike always gets highest priority and so the purchase decision is always allowed

  8. xcavater

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    As of today the US is free market unless HD wants to give me a massive discount, they can pound sand. PM me the details of what you would like and and end the madness
  9. artisan

    artisan Active Member

    hi Xcavater many thanks for the very kind offer i really do appreciate it,you are a true gent'

    however i "accidently" bought a set of cycle shack slipons form evilbay (without telling the wife :D) which arrived last wednesday.
    i fitted them whilst she was at work then went for a test ride,when i returned home the wife's comment was "that sounds ace,like a Harley should"
    so i guess i'm all sorted now, all be it a bit louder than i'd planned but man it really does sound good.
    thank you again for your very kind offer :D