Scotland to Dakar

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by David, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. David

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    Guys, I am into most things motorcycle related. One of my friends Euan Buchan, his brother and 3 other guys are taking part in what is widely regarded as the most dangerous race in the world.
    Their web site is log on and you can see the team and what they are all about. I believe when the race starts early in the New Year you can log on and track their progress on screen, should be good. Would be interested to hear what you guys on the other side of the pond think. Ride safe, PS.
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  2. Not Very PC

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    They seam to be very ready for race. Good choice of bikes and other equipment, all that's left is luck. May they ride and return safe!! :hii
  3. jeromeserena

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    not really my cup of tea to much energy me thinks wish them luck and i certainly will watch there progress along the way pity we wont see the legend mcrae this year( r.i.p) safe oot safe hame as we say in these parts
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  4. muckleheed

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    All the best of wishes to you guys. Sounds like great fun. Wish I could have joined the party but unfortunately have to work! :devil