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Schools on Lockdown


There have been massive amounts of school lockdowns in the Central Florida area due to reports of bombs and guns. None of them has been founded. I am starting to wonder if kids are calling in these threats knowing they won’t have to go to school or attend classes if the school is on lockdown. Has this been happening anywhere else more often that it did before the recent school shootings?
This is just so sad.I hope they find whoever is doing this and get them good. The gov has really got to turn controll over kids back to the parents so they can beat some sense in the lil monsters.
Amen to that free ride, these kids need to have the shi*t beat out of them and some sense beat into them. It’s not just the government, it’s the schools and other parents who look down upon it as well
Whole country is going in the crapper if they don't hurry and do something. You guys are right, beat the lil monsters, lol. My parents kept me in line and I would never oull some junk like these kids do.
Terrible comment on our society. these kids need to be severely disciplined and the parents need to be involved too. Supervision is lacking nowadays it is just that simple. I have friends who on a regular basis know their kids are out and yet have no idea where, these are like 11 year olds at wonder kids get into more trouble than ever!
It is definitely becoming a more common occurrence. Parents don't do enough to discipline their kids and then they say "Johnny was such a sweet boy I don't know why he went and shot everyone" SICK!
I hope we are able to get this back under control, but I doubt it. It seems like things just keep getting worse and worse. My children are very young, the oldest just started school. And I am so scared every morning when I put her on the bus. People please get control of your kids and officials please help!!
This poor kid's funeral was held last week and the boy who fatally stabbed him is behind bars. When are we ever going to feel safe again sending our kids to school?
Kids only respect fear it is plain and simple without fear there is no respect and without an ocasional smack on the a-ss to inflict a little pain the kid fears nothing! How many parents over the years have looked back and said to themselfs I should have been stricter with my children then maybe this would have not happened. My wife was having an argument with our 16 year old daughter 50 lbs heavier than my wife and the kid attacked her well the wife did what she had to do and the kid called the cops my wife almost went to jail for defending herself and the whole family had to do counciling for months because the kid went off on a tangent. I told them plain and simple from the start of it that the kid was lucky it was the mother at home she attacked and not me she would still be recovering from the beating I would have imposed upon her, they had nothing to say about that ever. The goverment has no right telling us how to raise our kids and should stay out of it at all costs, there are to many people on the goverment payroll that are in this field (child abuse) and they waste so much money investigating and counciling cases that are totally bull**** from the get go (Johnny got a whipping because he shot the neighbors dog with the bb gun and he called 911). Face it everyone Johnny should have gotten a whipping then maybe he would think twice about doing it again because he would fear getting another whipping thus installing respect for others property (lesson well learned).

So sorry to rant but this subject pisses me off more than no other!!!!:12: