santee 1 1/4 dresser 14" ape bars

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by jude, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. jude

    jude Member Contributor

    just a word to anyone planning on fitting these santee 14"bars to their bagger,i recently purchase a set of these ,i am very please with them both price and quality,but on the bars i bought the slot on the left hand side of bar which allows for internal wiring was not long enough ,so when i put the clutch lever back on i pinched one of the wires,the fix is simple enough,just extend the slot towards the outside of bars by half an inch if you do this first before fitting bars makes job a lot easier,like i said this happened on the bars i purchased recently hope this is of help to someone.
  2. Mac09Electra

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    I am looking at purchasing a set of these for my 09 flht but I cant seem to get a good response on how the quality / chrome stand up on theses bars also what size cable / brake hoses +6 ? Thanks for any help and info I hate spending double for cycle smiths / wild 1 if these look the same and do a great job