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    next august me and some friends are headed down to sandbridge for vacation for a week. just wanting to know if anyone around that area can tell me if theres any bike nights around that area? and what are the laws as to the beach and anything that we should know. me and one othere are riding down from western pa so we wanna know what we are in for, for when we headed down for some fun in the sun. any info would be appreciated.
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    Neat aviation museum at Pungo. Google the Fighter Factory, it's free, 3 rules, no smoking, look don't touch and keep your kids under control, they have a P51,P40,Spitfire,Hurricane,F4U Corsair,B17,P39 JU52,AD1,a V1 buzz-bomb,etc. etc, all open for public viewing...
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    Haven't been to Sandbridge in years but the last time I was there it was very quiet, more of a family vacation area not a party place, however there was one bar out there. I was on my bike at the time and stayed there for 2 weeks and never had a problem. Pretty much like most places as long as you maintain you're cool everythings fine, just don't have a loud noisy party at you're beach house, well that might work too if you invite you're neighbors. Threre's ton's of stuff to do there, advertisements for sights and activities all over the place. Just be causious of the metal bridges, as long as you know one is coming it's no big deal, the first one I hit I was just cruisin along about 70 mph not payin attention to much of anything and scared (EDIT) out of me. Closer to Norfolk they are more previlant, but like I said as long as you're paying attention they're no big deal, just a little squirely for a little bit then back to normal.

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    We stayed there a few years back. Nice area, more family beach than resort type. Virginia Beach is only about 20 miles north of there so you can do your tourist activities there.

    Just be careful of all the sand on the roads, it IS a beach area.
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    the main road leading from Sandbridge to The Va Beach Oceanfront/General Booth Blvd has a decent bike friendly bar called Boneshakers, it's on a corner and easy to spot.