Same FOB two bikes?

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by denpet, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. denpet

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    I just wonder if the FOB is receiving any information from the bike in the assigning process, or just sending.
    Really what I wonder is, is it possible to assign the same FOB to a second bike, without loosing it on the first?

    The reason I ask is I bought a brand new FOB for my 2001 Fatboy. I can't assign it to the bike. The stealership who sold it claim it can only be done by them using computer. But the service manual states you can do it without, using ign on-off-on-off-on, 2 x left, 1 x right, 1 x left, press and hold FOB 1, press and hold FOB 2.
    The problem is FOB 2 (the new one) will not do anything to the bike. I assume it's either broken or incompatible (the ID on the circuit board is newer, 363H514 P09, than the one on the old board, 363F511 P09).

    As there is really no way to tell if it is transmitting or not, I was thinking of borrowing a friends FOB and try to assign that as second. If it works, I know it's possible to assign a second one using the sequenze above, and hence the one I bought is broken/incompatible.
    But, I don't want to render my friends FOB useless on his bike.
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    If you take a push button FOB and place it up close up to a AM radio antenna, with the radio tuned to a dead channel, when you push the FOB button, you will hear the "signal burst" from the radio speaker.

    Of course it does not tell you if the burst has the correct coding, but it will indicate that the FOB is in fact transmitting "something". This only works with push button FOB's and not beacon "transponder" encoding FOB's.
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    I had to try this out, 800 band, 1020 band, could not hear a thing.
  4. R_W_B

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    DenPet check the battery in that FOB. I bought a brand new battery at HD once and it was dead on install.

    The FOB and the bike have a sort of Handshake verification where the receiver is looking for the matched code of the transmitter. As to whether you can match a FOB to two different bikes, I do not know that.

    Hoople, that's an interesting test holding your FOB up to the radio. Have you tried to switch cable channels with it yet :lolrolling

    Just kidding Hoop. Would be an interesting ride if one could become Tron (the computer movie address bus rider) and take a trip through your brain.
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    I just did this with my 2000 RKClassic ....just like you the dealer said I couldn't train the fob myself but I did it. I have the little book if I get a minute I see if you have to clear out the old code before you can retrain.

    2 fobs may be assigned to the security system. The first attempt to program a fob will disable all previously assigned key fobs. If a 2nd fob is to be pogrammed it must be done in the programming sequence as the initial fob. (out of book)
    So basically push them both when you get to that moment/window.
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  7. SeaRider04

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    Two fobs for one bike= yes. One fob for two bikes= no. When you program one, you erase the other. You may get your friend's fob works on your bike but it'll not works on his after the fob programmed to yours.
  8. denpet

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    Thanks all.
    Battery is fine. I tried swapping the batteries between my old and new fob, and then the old still worked.

    Will try the AM trick too, to see if I get any burst.

    And, now when I know, will not screw up a friends fob. But, on the other hand, if it works I could program it back on his bike again, only to make sure to use his spare so I don't mess up his only one :newsmile058: