Same bike differant height?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by 09classic, Feb 26, 2011.

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    New to harley and this forum. This past November I bought a 2009 ultra. The bike is stock with the exception of SE pipes. The height of the bike is at my limits. My feet are flat on the ground but that is about it. I have a co worker that also has a stock 2009 ultra. When I sat on his I discovered I sat lower on the bike. his bike has the same shocks and seat as mine but when measured from the bottom of the diver floorboards his is over an inch lower to the ground which seems strange. I can not see what is differant between the bikes. I hope one of you can tell me what could be the differance, whould realy like to have the extra inch of leg movement.
    This is not my first bike, I have had several just first harley.

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    Did he set the air pressure/preload so the ride height was different?
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    do a seach under lowering bike. you will find a lot of options and most people under 6ft tall have lowered there ultra's
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    Measure from a fixed point like the bottom of the frame to the ground on both bikes, you are aware that the boards are adjustable as far as height on the frames to a few different positions so this would not give you an accurate comparison between the two.

    Also a seat will compact after some miles so the miles should be taken into consideration too between the bikes.
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    I have not thought about preload on the shocks. The co worker bought his new and the preload was setbefore he purchased the bike. I have not messed with the preload. I guess it time to break out the repair manual and try adjusting the preload and see if it will make a height differance
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    Don't you have air-adjustable shocks on your Ultra Classic? Yours may have been aired up too much compared to your buddy's bike.

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    All the above... surely one of these points is the difference.

    Just as a note; my '09 Ultra was bought with the lowering kit (front & back). This works great for me since I am short by any standard.

    However, be fore-warned that the bike can bottom-out much easier. At least that has been my experience. In fact, I once hit a bump, which wasn't all that bad, but it bottomed-out and the front fender hit the frame causing a dent at the back of the front fender.

    HD did replace the fender under the warranty; but I have been warned this remains a possibility if it happens again. Next time I am not so sure HD will replace the fender.

    Just wanted to mention this.
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    You and your coworker need to get together and each remove a saddlebag. Look at the bottom of the shock mount, the lower bike may have a 1" link that changes the angle of the shock and the ride height. If it doesn't, measure the shock length eye to eye and compare. One may have shorter shocks.
    Measure the front fork from center of axle to the bottom edge of the cowbell (top cover), and compare the two. If all the suspension is equal, then his seat must be different, swap seats (1 screw) and check.
    If nothing else, you and your friend just killed an hour, and discovered a few new things under the bags and seat. :small3d026:
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    I know the 2011 seat is made so you sit 1 inch lower. That could be a fix for you.