Saga of the whistling brakes

Discussion in 'Wheels' started by wolfy75, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. wolfy75

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    I have an 06 Softail Deluxe.. I have a freaking squealin back brake. At first I thought it was just when the old lady was ridin with me then it started to do it alone and only when the rotor was cold only (did it at the start of the ride). Tonight I was out solo, and the freakin thing squealed all ride long.
    The bikes got 11.5 K klicks. I shouldn't be looking to replace the pads yet should I??

    If I work at it, maybe I can get the back brake to squeal out Born To Be Wild or some other tune with a bit practise cuz it just ain't cool pullin up to a stop with this frickin thing squealin like I was tryin to put it out of its misery or something.

  2. glider

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    Brakes aren't a product of mileage usually. It depends on how you use them. Take a look at the pads and see how much lining is left on them, it's the most accurate way.

    Sometimes a good cleaning will take care of squeals. It may also be squealing because the caliper pucs need to be cleaned of the brake dust that accumulates in there.
  3. Joe2007ultra

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    If Pads are in limits clean them and polish the rotors with a fine steel wool. Works for me .
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    Not uncommon thing for a Harley Bike. HOG Riders I know, some have squealing front brakes like me and some don't. I tried carbon brakes but no better for me. I know that Cars have a metal shim to counter this problem. I have no knowledge why the same principle is not applied to a Motorcycle like a Harley? Do other Motorcycles have shims in their Brakes? I don't know. You are not alone on this one.