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    I have two saddles for sale.

    1) A C&C Fastback in a tan Ostrich print vinyl. You can see exactly the kind to read about here. It is for a 2007 Electra Glide Ultra so it will fit others as well. My cost was $407. It's been ridden 4k miles and the only reason I'm selling is after a tank of fuel it really seems too hard. I figured after a 1k miles it would easy up but so far it has not and my butt just can't take it for longer rides. It's yours for $250 plus shipping which if I remember correctly was about $25. Just seat, no back pad.



    2) Is a near new 1996 Harley Police saddle with black coil springs. I managed to rework parts and add others to make it work on the same 2007 Electra Glide. Including getting the battery cover required to make it look right. My problem with it was getting the screws the whole thing mounts on the frame with tight. It requires a tool to add screw zerks or getting the dealer to do it. I proved it would work putting that old a saddle on a 07 but I still needed to make two brackets to hold the rear down to the saddle guards on each side. So I have both 07 and 96 mounting hardware that together with parts of each does work, minus the rear brackets. Once I proved it would work, I found with my first ride that it just places me a little to high. I got over $500 in all this. I'll sell for $350 plus shipping.

    Note: there is one picture that now show a divet in the seat. That's just from it sitting upside down on a plastic bucket lid. There isn't any problem with it. Just from sitting like that trying to keep dust off it. It's a very comfortable saddle by the way. The first picture of it isn't great but that was it mounted and after I took a ride. The 07 police saddle mounting is supposed to be for air suspension. I wanted the coils. All I proved is with a little work it could be done but was just a little too tall for my short legs.