Saddlebag thefts......

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by HDSickness, Sep 13, 2013.

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    :s Good idea, I did this with my 92 and 97 bagger, did you already make the purchase? You can get these speed nuts and bolts at any good auto supply store
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    I pulled my original hardware off on the second day I had the bike. Went down to ACE Hardware and picked up some bolts and nylon washers for $5. Yeah it takes a minute or two to remove, but I have no concerns off a bag falling off!
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    One of the deciding factors that I had when I got my 12 Ultra over the 12 Limited was the fact that the Ultra had the saddlebag guards around the bags where the Limited did not. Although it never happened to me before, I could visualize those cheap little twist pins coming loose from those spring wire clips and dropping a VERY expensive saddlebag off the back of the bike, grinding it to pieces as it slid and bounced down the road. With the guards, the bags only lean outward against the guards. I was a little disappointed when I saw the bag guards have been left off ALL the 2014 touring models as well as the front fender bumper on the Ultras. Bolting the bags on is nice insurance to keep them in place in the absence of the guards. As far as security, simply keeping the bags locked pretty much will solve that issue.
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    The new style bags are an improvement over my 92 FLHS, I had a latch break on the way home one night, I have No idea how the lid stayed on, you had to buy a set of latches and they came with NEW keys, it was an experience:p
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    Sad thing is, even with bolted on bags, they can still be removed rather easily by just unbolting the 7/16-headed bolt that holds the brackets to the bike. A ratchet wrench will do this in about 10 minutes for both sides. And when your bike is unattended while your walking down the street enjoying the rally....
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    I prefer they steal my saddlebags or damage my bike trying to get it off. Lets be honest, we hardly keep anythin too valuable in our saddlebags. I dont keep gold bricks with me :p

    I rather come back to missing saddlebags than my bike kicked over and dinged up.
    Another good alternative to buyinhg this lock, is a bit more expensive but you can either purchase locking saddlebags or a EZ disconnect mount. I have a quick release mount on my bags when I don't need em.
    This is what I have. Does a decent job for what it is, sure there might be better out there but I feel I got a good deal :)
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    Oops posted in the wrong spot
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    I keep a shotgun mounted on my bike and bike club bandanna around my sissy bar... I haven't had problem yet. :) haha