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    Hey Guys and gals---I just received a set of Saddlebag supports that I purchased off of Fleabay and I was wondering if anyone could help me with the "harware" I needed to install them---they are the supports that mount on the rear Shock bolt & on the turn signal holes (I know I have to relocate the turn signals) but I was hoping someon could tell me what type of bolts I'll need to replace the ones in the shock and such------Thanks..........Larry
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    Welcome to the Forum and your first post, you may check Aftermarket & Custom Motorcycle Parts - Harley Davidson Parts - Cycles or Midwest Motorcycle Supply they may still sell the mounting hardware seperately
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    I, too, am trying to fit a set of saddlebags on my ride. They are the throw-over type, with a yoke that goes over the fender. The main problem is that I have a pillion pad back there, and the leather from the throw-overs is too thick to go under my pad.....I might have to go with a set of support brackets, too.
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    The support brackets are a big plus, it saves the bags from getting beat up by the belt, exhaust and wheel, it also gives you an anchor to tie the bags so they dont flap in the wind
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    You might want to check out "easy brackets" for mounting saddle bags. I have put them on my dyna and really like them. Easy on and easy off when you stop for the night.

    see link
    Motorcycle Easy Brackets


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    The throwovers are likely not too thick as they are slightly too wide, where it should be waisted slightly in an hourglass like curve under the seat. Use cardboard approximately the shape of the yoke, mount the seat and sit on it to see where the contact points are. Only take as little leather off as possible. Once you get the impression, you will see what the interference is.

    My Leatherneck Jim bags have a wide strap on the back of each bag that slips under the support hoops firmly, securing the bags, and once the seat goes on, the bags are secure. Do use the support hoops as a minimum. remove the shock bolt and rail bolt, and go to the hardware store getting stainless allen hex heads adding the additional length for the thickness of the hoop mounting ends.:s
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    I did the same a few years back bought the bag support from ebay and then spent a fair bit of money trying to get the correct hardware to mount the supports
    in the end i would have been cheaper to buy the kit from Harley which comes with the supports and hardware
    i moved the turn signals as far back on the fender rail as i could but they still got in the way of the bags a wee bit so i moved them back to fit on the number plate mount on a bar that replaces the 2 lower number plate mount bolts
    i took my original mount bolts out and measured them and added the extra length that was needed and got bolts of that size you will also need new top covers for the shock mounts that are designed to accommodate the bag support