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    I have a 2011 Fatboy Lo, I'm planning a couple of long trips this summer. St.Louis to OK City and St.Louis to Ft.Bragg NC. I'll need some saddlebags. I'm leaning toward the detachable ones. Seems more practicle to just pop em off and bring em in at the overnite stays. This is my first HD so I'm looking for some advise. I have V&H Short Shot Staggard pipes if that is a consideration.
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    Pages 244-249 011 Parts and accesories catalog free @ your dealer
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    buy what you really want. lots of people see a deal on throw overs and pick them up only to find out they are not what you wanted. i am one of those, so are a couple more i know
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    When I got my 2010 superglide last summer I thought I would go with saddlebags but the price is very high once you purchase all of the mounting equipment. I went with a sissy bar with luggage rack and got a sissy bar bag for long trips and commuting to work. The price is better going that route and no stay behind support brackets like with leather saddlebags. Give that a look!
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    Ditto on the cheap bags! If you are going to get bags, get GOOD ones. They are expensive, but so are the bikes... On this accesory, I think HD makes the best. They look right, and work right! I'd get leather hard bags. The floppy ones like on a Heritage are... floppy
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    I have Leatherworks bags on my Deluxe with the optional basket weave trim and braiding around the edges. They are the best I've seen. They have all types and options. If you plan on keeping your Harley and increasing the usefulness of it then get the bags and don't look back. A bunch of stuff strapped to a beautiful bike doesn't look too good. The Easy Brackets they sell are detachable and lockable. These bags are not like the Heritage bags which in my opinion should not be sold because of their poor quality.
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    My wife is thinking about this for her Dyna Low Rider. Good storage, good price and makes you more comforatable on a long ride. Something to lean back on. As always.....options....options....options.....

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    Saddlebags are ok for incidentals, but for a long trip (several days) I really like the sissybar bags. Easy to bring into a motel room or detach when camping. Also alot cheaper and keeps the bike cleaner when not in use. Also many sissybar bags also have a duffle bag which is great for day trips. Just my two cents. Hope you have a great trip and good luck.
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    I gotta tell ya, I had a set of the Leather Pro detachable saddlebags on my 05 Fat Boy and loved them. IMO, are the best detachable saddlebag out there. Bigger than the HD ones in the P&A cataloge and about the same price. If your in the St. Louis area, Gateway HD/Buell carries them!