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    2004 low-rider and thinking about adding saddle bags. question is it necessary to put supports ? I don't want to relocate my turn signals Found a site that makes bags just for the low rider and some have said they use supports and some don't. Just looking at ideas.
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    Are you talking about Hard ABS or Fiberglass bags ? If so they usually come with supports and some don't but you will have to mount them to the fenger brackets unless they are throwovers. Usually some sort of support goes on the bottom also either bought or fabricated.

    Most decent bags require the Dyna sigs to be moved back to the Tag mount area. There are a few small bags or throwovers that you can stuff in between them (somehow). I would recommend relocating the sigs.

    I had some old throwovers on my bike when I bought it and I did not like the way they flopped around, didn't sit right and rubbed the paint off my rear fender area under the seat. So I mounted them to the fender with aluminum angle and bought some Drag Specialites lower braces (that also mount to the fender bolts). They worked out pretty good but someday want to get some hardbags.

    Keep in mind Dynas are not the easiest bike to put bags on. You either have to support the bags out past the shocks or leave the bags back about an 1-1/4 inches behind the shocks or get bags with that much recess out of them. Otherwise when you hit bumps the bags will rub on the shock as it comes up to meet them.

    You can see a pic of my modified throwovers at this thread. Bags like this don't cost much.

    Saddle Bags - Harley Davidson Community
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    If it is throw over bags then the are a good idea as they will keep the bags from fouling the suspension and possibly also the brake and pulley when the suspension is compressed

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    Thanks for the insight
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    I bought a decent set of Leather throw overs, for my 06 WG, removed the center section, fabricatated a set of flat mounting brackets that would work with my detachable back rest. Turned out really clean looking. I also did not want to relocate the turn signals. I would post a photo but can't figure out how to attach ULR.


    I have posted a few photos in my album if you are interested.
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    If you want to keep the bags from getting in the wheel or rubbing on the belt guard I would use them, plus it gives you an anchor so the bags dont flop in the wind:s
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    I have a Lowrider and put some bags designed for the lowrider and ended up having to relocate the turn signals. I think it was the vibration of the bag that broke one turn signal. The bags that fit between the turn signal and the shocks are not very big either. I think I have a pic on here in my profile.
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    Thanks for your input. I like all the pros and cons.

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    The more rigid higher quality leather bags like Leatherworks, Leatherneck Jims can be had with hidden quick release hardware and reinforced backs so they do not need the metal hoops to keep them from fouling the belt drive.

    I have the throwover ones from Leatherneck Jims with stiff backs, but with belt grade leather afix to metal hoops because I leave the bags on secured under the seat, and use removeable water resistant nylon liners.