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TT263 – August 31, 2006 New Saddlebag Repair Kits and FLHRS Latch Adjustment
New Saddlebag Repair Kits and FLHRS Latch Adjustment
From time to time a leather saddlebag will lose a rivet, buckle, or stud, and will require repair. The intention of this Tech Tip is to make you aware of two new repair kits available for leather saddlebags, as well as to remind you of a repair technique for the Road King Custom saddlebag.
The FLHRS saddlebag is opened by a button on the back edge of the bag. When this button is pushed, it engages a cable that releases the lid. Occasionally, this button may not work properly and the saddlebag will become hard to open. If this happens, the release mechanism can be adjusted. Consult your Touring Service Manual, Section 2 (Chassis), under the heading: “Cable Assembly/Latch/Script (FLHRS)†for instructions and illustrations on this adjustment.
Harley-Davidson has developed a new repair kit (PN 52154-07) for FLSTN P&A saddlebags (PN 53015-05). Depending on use, the lids on these saddlebags might over time develop a ‘gap’ between the sealing surfaces on the inboard side of the bag and the lids. The new repair kit contains a shorter wire form hasp and fasteners, which will pull the latch assembly closer to the rear of the bag thereby creating a better lid seal. Please see P & A Service Bulletin # P-63 for more details. (NOTE: the saddlebag will require a little more effort to open and close the lid with this new fastener.) A rivet repair kit—PN 88272-06--has become available for saddlebags. The kit includes long and short rivets (in black and silver colors), and washers. These rivets should be used to replace missing/damaged rivets that hold straps or buckles to saddlebags. For a complete listing of repair kits for leather and vinyl seats, saddlebags, and accessories, refer to Tech Tip 216. Additionally, please remember that I-sheets contain listings of service parts for most accessory seat and saddlebag kits.