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    Yesterday a 18 year old female was traveling 70 miles an hour on a city street, 4 lanes 45 mile an hour speed limit. Ran a red light and hit one of our brothers on a Street Glide. He was 56 years old and on his way home from work, about 5:30 P.M. Sorry to report he did not survive.

    I don't know about you folks but here in my city people are trying to make it through the yellow light before red and too many of them are running through the red. Lost one last week also, same reason. I just don't know anymore.
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    That little (edit) should do some serious jail time. I`m not talking about a slap on the wrist either!!!!!!!! HARD, LONG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I hate to hear that news. I have noticed that a lot of the lights in our area now operate on about a 5 second delay for reds. The light will not go to green immediately, it really seems to work, I wonder why no one started this sooner. :(
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    Here, and now in a lot of areas they are using photo enforcement for running red lights...and to be honest its kinda like big brother watching..however the intersection that the cameras are at seem to curtail people running lights. As much as I hate them...its probably a good thing. It may have caused this lady to try and stop. Hard to say I guess. After reading your post I got the darnest feeling inside. Due to gasoline pricing seems more and more bikes on the road now. Wish folks would just pay better attention. I know being a rider has made me a much better cage driver. I feel bad for the family.
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    Hi Will 2002,

    I have to disagree with your approach: That girl should be made to stay in a trauma center and clean up the blood and what ever else that falls out of a body until she pukes up her stomach at least a dozen times! And after that she should be made to go to the traffic school and tell her story until until everyone in the room pukes.

    Always sad to hear about an unnecessary death and a ruined life. I'll bet she is going to be in and out of Atascadaro S H for the rest of her misserable life.

    Best to all,

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  6. oh my goodness....someone that has the same thoughts as me! +100 on that post!!