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Sad day!


I was at my local dealership today and they told me this is the last year Harley will make Wideglides. Say it aint so!!:bigsmiley29: Has anyone else heard about this?
Yes, I've heard the same thing from several dealerships. I just bought my Wide Glide. It is number 873 of 2000. I'm still having a hard time grasping that only 2000 of these were produced for 2008. I hope they change their mind about not building them any more. I find the Wide Glides to be a great all-around bike.
Even is it is true about them discontinuing the WG, there have been other models that disappeared and been brought back again a few years later. The WG is a good choice in bikes and very popular IMO.
When I went in to get my current street bob there was a beautiful wide glide on the floor with a custom paint job and a set of V&H chrome sideshots and I almost...bit...

But I love my street bob...having said that, I was told by my salesman that this was it for the Wide Glides and if I wanted one that now would be the time. My only response is that they took away the softail standard and springer models last year and in return HD gave us the Rocker series and the HD Crossbones, all of which are fine, interesting and innovative motorcycles. I would like to think that we got something good for what we lost...

All of that to say, I hope that the Motor Company replaces the Wide Glide with something equally as beautiful and innovative.

And if I am still around...when they quit making the street bob, I will post my "sad day," as well.:cry

Idaho John
My opinion is HD is going in the wrong direction by discontinuing the WG and Deuce as well.
I don't like the Rocker or Crossbones. I'm sure as well that their is a market for these new bikes, just not MY taste. I love the Street Bob and Fat Bob, both recent model additions. I guess they have to move on. I'm sure they are prepared with market research to support their decisions.

Just think what your WG and Deuces are worth on resale!
I heard that this the last year for the wg also. It is a popular model and sure they will bring it back along with the duece. Believe me they have a sales gimmock.