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S90 engine in a CL90 frame installation


hi all,

I'm trying to install a s90 engine in a CL90 frame.The only differences that I noticed are the clutch cover,the carb manifold and the silver cylinder.

This is my first bike. I got it when I was 14. I am the 3rd owner. The first 2 owners blew at a minimum 10 engines when they owned it. Orginally it was blue then black and now it's red. I sold it when I was 16. I got it back a year later(free). Engine froze and it had been left outside for a year. I took it apart about 15 years ago. So for the last few weeks I'm been prepping trying to get ready for assembly.

The question is what's the deal on the engine install? The top 2 mounts aren't cooperating. The condenser appears to be touching the rectifier. The half hole is for rectifier? I tried the bottom mount first but for some reason it should be the top engine mount in the front should be first. I looked at the manual... it was wealth of info. The engine mount reminded me of being a teenager. I was always that close to scoring. But in all seriousness I would like to score today or this weekend. I hope this wrap this whole deal by mid Oct. I have built many 90's but that was almost 35 years ago. Now that I've become old and mental ...I appreciate any help.

I hope when I'm finished, it would look like when I got it. Perfect enough but no show winner.