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  1. Jenessa

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    My 71' Electra Glide has been fitted with a Super E S&S, I keep reading that it needs a double cable throttle, however it seems to be working fine with a single. Should I switch it to a double? What are the repercussions If I don't?
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    Double throttle cables are for safety, supposedly so twisting the grip would PULL the throttle closed instead of relying on a spring to close it. Lots of arguable points, but no mechanical harm only having one.
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  3. Bodeen

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    The double throttle cable acts as a push pull type of setup and is a safety precaution. One cable opens the the throttle the other push it closed. If the single cable breaks and the spring return were to stick it could make for an exciting event...
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    you only live once, a little excitement can be a good thing . just hope it is on a long empty straight road.
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    Hi,for what its worth,when i purchased my 94 Nostalgia it came fitted with a 42mm mikuni carb which WAS fitted with a single throttle cable and after amonth of riding-yup,you guessed it,the cable snapped in the middle of nowhere.I went to a local cable manufacturer who made me up a replacement[the local harley agent put the replacement for this in the too hard basket!] Within a month same thing happened,so in all i had the cable remanufactured 3 more times,so as you can imagine i lived in fear of the cable braking and would part the clam shells around the throttle before each and every ride to check for fraying-the fraying and eventual snap always happened at the throttle grip end. At this point i put the question to HD TALKING and if memory serves correctly,the fellow rider who is a regular contributor here from Scotland [thank you sir] replied that he had the same carb set up but that he used the push /pull twin cables,so i ordered up a pair of cable from JP cycles and they have been on th ebike now for over a year with no probs-admittedly the return spring is a tough critter on the 42 Mikuni but that seems to have cured it-just my 20 cents worth,hope this helps. Nick
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    If a carb is designed to use a single cable and be closed by a spring then if the correct cable is used it should last for years every bike i had untill my first harley only had a single cable to each carb and the carb was closed by a spring i do not think i ever had a cable snap but have replaced cables with cable of better quality and smother operation as it can take a firm grip to constantly fight against a pair of strong springs
    Twin cable setup should be a lot lighter on the right hand

  7. Jenessa

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    Thanks for all the replies! I think I'll go for the double cable as soon as I can afford it. Riding season where I live is coming to an end so I have all winter to tinker in the garage.
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    According to the S&S manual a two cable system is required the manual also states that they sell the necessary kit. Try their website at www.sscycle.com and good luck.