S&S super e carb issues

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    Hey guys,
    This is my second post on my S&S super e carb. I recently rebuilt the carb and got the bike running and realized I hadnt put the throttle spring on correctly and that accounted for most of my problems. I took the carb off and fixed the spring so the throttle would spring back and the bike "would be" able to idle correctly. But after reinstalling the carb, the bike wouldnt run. It backfired a few times and spit black smoke out of the carb.

    Does this mean its somehow getting too much fuel now, because the butterfly assembly may be too tight? Its great to have the throttle snap back now but it would be even better if I could take the (EDIT)thing for a ride. : )

    I did get it to "run" for about 20 seconds at an extremely low "but steady" idle when the choke was fully open and the idle mixture screw was backed out a few turns.

    thanks everyone

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    Hope your problem is resolved but if not are you sure you don't have any leaks where your carb connects to your heads? If you have a leak it will suck in air and not fuel and screw up your air to fuel ratio.
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    thanks man, ille check it out n see
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    I have been running an S&S series E carb for ten years now. You do not have a choke. You have an enrichner. That is what the tab on top of the air cleaner does. With that up and you open the throttle you dump a great deal of gas down the carb's throat. I would do as suggested about the leaks. If no leaks check the float bowl to see if it the float is stuck closed. Fossil