S&S Super B carb problem got me stumped

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by Lingleha, Oct 8, 2009.

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    I gotta 68 FL with a S&S Super B carb. Been running this carb for a number of years and love it. Shut the bike off last night came out today and my baby wouldn't start. I first checked the plugs for spark and ain't got no problem there. Plugs were clean and 'dry', plugs should have been a little moist from tryin' to start but noooo they are dry as a bone. There ain't no gas coming from the main jet when I roll the throttle. Gas flows freely through the hose and fuel filter, bowl is full, main jet is clean and clear. I had the carb on my bench and took it all apart but can't see why the gas isn't being transferred up the main jet. Anyone got any ideas here??
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    If all the passages and jets are clear then that leaves the float needle. It it is clogged or the flost is leaking or out of adjustment that would stop all gas flow. There is a brass tube that screws into the float body for the gas supply to the carb. Hold the bowl up and with the float up try to blow through through it. There shouldn't be any air. Then let the float down into the bowl so the float needle is not on the seat and see if you can blow through it. The Super B is a stone simple good carburetor. I had one on my Shovel Head stoker and put a remote Mikuni accelartor pump on it. Good luck. Fossil
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