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S & S carb too much for my bike?

I've been having trouble with my bike runing ok in the begining but then after 10 or less miles it starts bogging out until it quits and fouling plugs. I took to the local harley dealer and they cleaned and adjusted it for $225 and told me it was good to go. Well after about 10 miles same thing happens. I have them tow it back and this time they tell me it's too much carb for my bike and I need a new carb. I have a 1999 Sportster 883 converted to a 1200 with a S & S super E with straight shot 99 exhaust. I've asked around and everyone seems to think that something can be done witthout getting a new carb? Any suggestions?
If it is set up correctly with proper jetting, it should work.

Do you have baffles in the straight shots?

If not, that could be most of your problems here.
Take a look in the end of the pipe . You'll see a bolt through the tip of the pipe, look to see if it is holding the baffle in there or the pipe is just open.
I would contact Vance & Hines and get some baffles for the slip ons. Your bike will run much better also with baffles in it. Without baffles there is no backpressure and all bikes except drag bikes need backpressure to run properly and not have reversion. Do you get any gas spray in the air filter back out the intake?

That could be your problem of fouling the plugs up so quickly.

Also make sure the plugs are the proper heat range for the bike and not a colder version of the stock ones. Your owners manual should tell you there. The stock plug is 6R12 gapped at .040"

One last word here, you may want to remove a pipe and make sure there is no other means of restrictions in them like thunder monsters / torque cones or something similar up the pipe towards the cylinder end. There are a few other mechanical restrictors that get installed in the upper pipe that would not be obvious looking in the pipe from the rear.
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