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    Guys, I'm hoping to get some thoughts from the tuning experts out there. I recently had my '07 softail 96"er swapped out for an S&S 106 Hot Setup Kit including flat top pistons, 583 ES gear drive cams, S&S pro-stock heads, 58mm throttle body (as recommended by S&S) and a SERT. I already had V&H big radius duals and the intake is a PM intake that was bored to 58 mm. I broke the motor in last week as suggested by S&S and took it in to HD for a tune. 3 hours and $300 later I got the bike back with attached Dyno sheet. The shop was closing, so I didn't have a chance to go over it with them, so I rode home. On the ride, she felt like she ran well, but not much increase in power from the seat of the pants feel :(. The AFR seems waaay to perfect, like a straight line was drawn all the way through on MS Paint. Most importantly though, 93 horse?? What could cause this, I feel like it should be getting over 105 horse? Thoughts? Any help would be appreciated.

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