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S-E Race Tuner

Everything I've read about the TC96B says it runs too lean. I reasently bought the S-E Race Tuner because it seams to have the ability to do everything I want it to do. I was wanting to see if anyone out there has bought one and adjusted their F.I. their self. It seams a little complicated but do able if you have a little bit of mechanical background.
The SERT is a great piece of equipment but it does take some time to properly set it up if you are doing it yourself. Many tuners will not work with it because of the complexity of the unit and all the features it can change in the ecm. The nice part about it is that it remaps your ECM rather than piggybacking it like the TFI, PC III and some others which I feel is a major plus.

The time that it takes to set it up and alter maps is worth the results. Check with your dealer about what his opinion is about the warranty if the SERT is installed on the bike as it leaves a "footprint" in your ECM that the dealer can see. It is also married to the bike that it is first installed on and cannot be used on any others for mapping purposes. Many dealers work with you if there is a problem down the road and others will tell you that your warranty is void. This is where the other EFI controllers stand out in that they cannot be detected once removed should there be a problem with service.
HTC and glider, I had the SERT installed on my 2007 FLSTC. I had the Dealer install it just in case MOCO did want to become a little "squeamish" with my Warranty.They carried in their stock,they installed it and I think H-D and Screamin Eagle are back scratchers for each other anyway.Bottom line, the bike runs great with it.Next step is to have it Dyno Tuned.Hopefully that'll bring the whole package in conjunction together( SERT;S/E Stage 1;Vance & Hines Staggered exhausts;).Time will tell.Good luck,HI-Tek Rednek :coffee
I didn't mean to imply that the SERT wasn't a good choice here. I was trying to point out the possible problem down the road with warranty issues because of the foot print it leaves in the ECM even after it is removed.

Another area is the complexity of the unit and the dyno operator either using a canned map and just setting the AFR's and calling it quits verses a full custom map where the VE, AFR ,Timing and some other areas are tweaked for maximum benefit.

Some dealers are just in it for the money but a good custom map done by an operator that knows what they are doing can make a very big difference in the running of the bike.
Thanks for the info. I'm going to print the manual out and do alot of reading before I make an attempt to hook it up. I'll let you all know how it does for me.
Hey Guys...

I just recently had the tuner installed on my 07 Heritage along with a SE Stage I Air cleaner and slip-ons. I talked quite awhile to the service guys at the dealership and they tell me the warranty is still good to go at their shop since they installed everything. (I had some witnesses) :s

The setup works great and I've noticed several improvement with not only the heat issues but the performance. I haven't checked the mileage yet. Overall I'm a happy camper...

The tuner, I'm told, with a good operator, can allow for quite a bit more improvement when tuned along with a dyno.
Several problems here as I see it.

The dealers will tell you the warranty IS in effect using the tuner , however the crossed flags I believe on the tuner (off road use only) may say something different.

The other angle is that they tell you it is not going to effect warranty WITH THEM. If you are on the road and have a break down, the dealer that ends up with the bike may think quite differently. The tuner is a great piece of equipment in the right hands and with a competent tuner and can give you some good results.

My preference is the TFI that requires no dyno time, no dealer time and can be removed without a trace just in case a warranteeable problem pops up. Take a look at the net results of the race tuner verses the TFI and the gains in HP & TQ arrived at between the two , also be fair and compare the total price including installation, setup ( if you don't do it yourself) and dyno time and tell me which one wins. Something to think about with the MOCO looking to get out from under the warranty problems now a days any chance they can get.
I'm sure you're right GLider... Its too late for me though. I should have got on here quite a bit more before I jumped on the improvement wagon. The additions did make quite a nice improvement, but your points are well taken and now I'm in worry mode. You would think if you bought HD stuff and had them install it, they would have no problems with standing behind their products and workmanship.

I know, I'm living in a dream world...:52: