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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by tony180, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. tony180

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    I own a 2008 105th Aniversary Street Glide. I purchased my bike new from the dealer and its completley stock with currently 7K. I noticed the right side exhaust has started to rust but the left is like new. Has anyone else experienced this and is it something I need to address with my dealer?

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I may not help here ... a few helpful questions to answer please.

    Where on the exhaust? pipe, muffler, .. starting from where to where?

    Where is your ride parked? under cover, closed in garage, heated or not, on cement?

    Ever have moisture on bike or noticed it while sitting where parked?...

    Biggest problem I have had in the past, is parking on cement. I put down a plastic and use a 3x8 piece of plywood under my bike as cement allows a lot of moisture up thru the floor.. This did away with the condensation problem on the bikes at different times of the year.

    I'm not familiar with your bike but some one here will have answers for you
  3. glider

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    I would venture to say you are talking aout the outlet of themuffler.

    The left muffler is basically a sound can and doesn't flow much exhaust at all where the right muffler is the one that flows most of the exhaust from the engine. It's set up like that for the scavenging of the exhaust to make the engine rune more efficiently.

    What I do is to use something like Nevr-dull to clean both muffler tips and that does the trick.
  4. Jack Klarich

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    Dont know cause we havent seen any pictures, but Glider what do you think of some Naval Jelly followed by some never dull, Jack
  5. glider

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    I don't like the use of Naval Jelly for something as mild as this. If it is what I am thinking of, it's just a rust discoloration without the actual formation of serious rust. The nevr-dull does the job well all by itself I have found. When you clean the bike, you just give it another rub with the Nevr-dull and it's new again.

  6. 175mws

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    I painted my outlets black to hide the rust. the chrome is not rusting at all
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    If we are indeed talking about the inside tips on the mufflers showing up with rust and discoloration, that is pretty common. Indeed, you often see it on brand new bikes in the showroom. When I got my new bike home I took a 4" soft wire cup brush and chucked it into a 1/4" drill and it fit perfectly into the tips. A couple of minutes on each tip and they looked all shiny. You could do this from time to time or even mask the area off and hit it with a can of black rattle paint.
  8. trvlr

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    Have an '08 Ultra Glide that I just bought used from the dealer w/ appx 9k on the clock. Same thing. Right side is rusted just inside the conical area of the muffler tip. Left side, somewhat, but much less than the right.

    Thanks for the tip on using never-dull. I have one little pinch left - but that is some good good stuff.
  9. Mainah

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    Glider strikes again, I've used Never Dull for years and it's great. It also does a great job on un-coated aluminum. Another good one is Autosol, it has a very mild abrasive but not enough to scratch. Another use for Autosol is to remove the haze and discoloring on plastic headlights. I've used it on my cars with great results.