rusty chrome and clear coat peeling

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by kennyb62, Feb 16, 2009.

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    My 03 ultra has chrome peeling and rusting on crank and primary covers I also have clear coat peeling all over the paint. Does anyone know how, other then reclearing, to stop the peeling or to fix the problem on the paint? As far as the crome I found turtle wax chrome polish and rust remover it works great with not much effort the rust comes off fairly easy and as far as the bubbling problem on the chrome not much can be done, unless someone has some ideas??? Thanks
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    i had the same problem on titan chopper i had once the bubbling problem is a fault of dirty metal when chromed it just sometimes takes a while for it to become a problem flaking the chrome. as far as clear coat sorry don't know
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    My '03 UC has the chrome bubbling on the nose cone (cam cover). No way to "fix it" except rechroming or replacing. I have just bought a new one and will replace it when I do my roller chain upgrade next couple of weeks. BYW, there is a guy on here that has a new nose cone he is selling - CalgaryBikeBum. See here:

    For Sale: Chrome TC Cam Cover 2001 Later - Harley Davidson Community

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    With the paint issue you can either have it re-cleared,or if you want to save money,wet sand the edges where it is de-laminating and buy a spray bomb of urathane clear,spray on 2-3 wet coats and let it dry 2-3 days.Then use a rubbing compound either by hand or with a buffer to blend the clear,then I would use a product such as liquid glass over all the painted surfaces. After that ,to maintain it,what else? PLEDGE!:D
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    Im assuming it is black.Im also assuming it spends way too much time in direct sunlight.The clear on your bike acts as a protective skin against the suns powerful UV rays.When a bike or car is painted the paint is applied followed by the clear with no sanding rather relying on a chemical bond for adhesion.As black absorbs sunlight it gets very hot.It sounds like the bike has spent too much time in the sun and the result is the chemical bond between the base and clear is failing.This may very well explain the chrome problem as well.
    To simply re clear it you are not fixing anything.The clear left underneath will still be failing.It should be stripped and re painted.Theres a reason you always see one or two bikes parked under that only tree in the parking lot even though it is a football field away.