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Discussion in 'Wheels' started by lowie, Feb 23, 2012.

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    Ok, bike is an fxst 2011, it is 4 months old and round the spokes at the nipple end where they go into the rim they are starting to rust, we have had a record year for rain here so I know what the cause is as it gets ridden rain hail or shine. How common is it for this to happen in such a short time and any ideas on how to stop the rust getting any worse? In case youre wondering I dont live near the coast. I dont think CRC or WD-40 would be a good idea to spray around the rim as it would be a bit risky for that slipperry stuff to run onto the front tire, anyone got any ideas? Thanks, Lowie.
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    The problem your seeing may be just the tip of the iceburg. If you see rust in the area you state you may have rust on the inside of the rim under the rim strip. To see if this is a problem you will have to unmount the tires and pull the rimstrip. About the only way you can be sure that your wheels aren't rusting is to go with a cast or billit aluminum wheel.
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    I bought a used bike with laced wheels, in fact all 4 bikes I have owned in my entire life were all laced wheels. so I have a few things I would like to share with you.

    1. I hate spokes.

    2. I hate spokes.

    3. I am saving for aluminum cast wheels, my life will be complete when I get cast wheels.

    4. In the meantime this is how I maintain. Mine were so bad at first I had to take fine sandpaper to them to get them smooth enough to keep from ripping my polish rag. Yea I know but I used the condition of the wheels to get the price down where I could afford it.

    5. Then I hand rubbed each of them with a chrome polish. That took an entire day and I imagine I still missed some spots.

    6. Ever since I wash the bike and blow it dry and then immediately I spray a thin polish on them like pledge and wipe them down. Don't get it on your rotor. In between washes I will spray Armorall on them and wipe them down with disposable paper towels.

    That's about the best I've been able to deal with them.

    Oh and I forgot, I hate spokes.
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    I know your pain. I wash my bike with lots and lots of water, then dried with a leaf blower before she goes in the warm dry shed for the night. After each ride and sometimes in between. Yet rust appears on the base of the spokes!!?
    I have recently invested in a bike lift. I sit down and get comfortable, and get to work. Simple as that.
    I used the aluminum foil and vinigar trick. I sprayed the rusty spoke area with copious amounts of white vinigar, spray the shiny side of the foil, and rub on with gusto, and attitude. Works real good, without abrasives.
    That S-100 is good stuff to prevent rust. Just make sure all is dry first. If none of that, wd40 is just fine, if your laying the bike up for a spell.
    The best thing is constant washing up and work.
    RIde on Bro...
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    i started to get the dreaded spoke dance, so i went to an aluminum mag . where i live the salt never sleeps , hence the mag. no more spoke dance. good luck
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    I would would like to thank everyone for all their good advice and I will give all of the ideas a try and see what happens, I also like the sound of the alloy rims, I have one on the rear but the 21" on the front is what is giving me grief, with the model I have, over here we got ABS which is fantastic and it works as I found out after a close encounter with a 7foot black snake, the problem I have is the sensors for the ABS are built into the hub so to keep the ABS I would need an OEM 21" rim, is there an alloy replacement with the same type of ABS sensors? You will have to excuse my ignorence on these things but this is the first ABS bike that I have had and I never really took any notice of the more modern technology because I didnt have any, live and learn eh? see ya Lowie.
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    I don't have spokes so I don't know if this applies but when I bought my bike I thought they said the chrome was guaranteed for a year.