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  1. kojax

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    i have the 2009 lowrider i have the rush mufflers on. i want to go with the 2 inch baffle can i put them on with out changing anything. i know rush makes bigger baffles..........thank you KEEP RIDING
  2. KingHeritage

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    Yes you can.Rush baffles are interchangable.
  3. glider

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    Bigger baffles lower backpressure needed to keep the engine running properly. You can use some fuel even in a completely stock engine because they run so lean, going larger will further increase flow regardless of what you hear and lean it out a bit more too. Increasing flow leans the mixture.

    I would add some fuel if you HAVE to go to the 2" baffles
  4. Oldfatbob

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    I would ditto Glider on the rich/lean comments. I decided to go with the 1.75' Rush slip-ons on my 2009 Fat Bob cuz I preferrred the sound over the 2" and wanted to kep the 2-1-2 look, matter of choice of course. Ran it with a stock download and a Stage I A/C for 500 miles w/o any problems. thn got DYno'd and picked up HP and Torque. But never ran too lean.
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    This is really confusing. Reading all over the net and talking to different HD dealers I hear completely different things on this issue. Finally today i went and bought a set of rush slip-ons 2.0" and put them on my 09 Super Glide.

    What swayed me was talking to 2 HD dealers today that had then in stock. One dealer had the 1.75" baffled muffs in stock only and told me that I would need a remap if I went bigger. The dealer I bought from had all sizes of baffles and said it wouldn't matter as long as I didn't do anything to the AC. Honestly, I think the first dealer wanted to sell me what they had. Who the (edit) do you believe?

    Put them on and my bike now sounds like a freakin Harley! Haha! Been raining cats and dogs all day though so i didn't get to test ride. Sure sounds good in the garage though.

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    RSQCAL Member

    Let us know how they perform. I've been bouncing the same thing around for a while. I've got 1.75" Screaming Eagle II's on now and have been considering the Rush slipons. The Screaming Eagles don't quiet do it for me but I've been hesitant to go to the 2".
  7. myanoch

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    I installed a set of chrome werks 1.75 slip ons on my dyna supper glide about 500 miles ago
    i love them
    Checked plugs they are great
    Did not lean anything out anymore than original
    Sounds great
  8. hogtyd

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    I have a 07 low rider. Put rush slipons with 1 3/4 baffels and a stage one screaming eagle air cleaner. I didn't want to wait and find out if I would have a lean condition, so I installed a tfi. The thing runs great not a hot rod but runs smooth and still get good gas milage. The only problem I have had with the rush mufflers is getting them to hang straight. They want to sag down at the back end.
  9. just_ranger

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    1st & most important...I am brand new to this howdy guys!

    Question: I have a 08 H-D Streetglide. I purchased Rush pipes from my local Harley dealership with the 2" baffels. I love the awesome sound.

    When I purchased these pipes I had to request the "straight cut" pipes so they would match my old stock pipes....therefore the long haired commander in chief wouldn't notice the new pipes.

    What I want to do now (if possible) is to add an end cap or tip to the straight pipes, therefore giving them a little more "look".

    So....where or who.....sells those that will fit my bike?

    Patiently awaiting your assistance...........Bob (aka: Ranger)
  10. just_ranger

    just_ranger New Member

    that in itself is a good question......I suppose if my pipes don't have the screw holes in the end of them....then (1) they won't fit or (2) if I find tips that will fit....I will have to drill mounting holes in the Rush pipes.

    thanks for your help hobbit