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    Left Mpls on May 1 via the scenic route to CA. Met up with AZ friend in Hollister CA for brews at the hallowed Johnny's Bar - the Birthplace of the American Biker.
    With 3,020 miles behind me, we rolled into Auburn CA to meet up with our National Veterans Awareness Ride brothers. Since May 14, we've visited hundreds of veterans in homes and hospitals across America, laid wreaths at many cemeteries and memorials, and awarded medals of recognition to returning vets from the war on terror.
    Tomorrow, we roll into D.C. to join a "few" other riders and rattle the halls of Congress.
    Our ride schedule has been crammed, and I'm now ready to nod off, but must finish - my web site has more words and pictures.

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    Awesome, great work for a great cause. :) Thanks for sharing the pix.
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    Hope you rattled with both hands!!!!! Ride on Brother!
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    I think what you're doing is awesome, great pics too! Ride safe!
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    The ride was great, a wonderful group of people who represent hundreds of thousands - perhaps millions who cannot make such a ride. But there are hundreds of local rides I know all of you make each summer. Ride on & remember.

    Attached is photo with Merle, a Pearl Harbor survivor who led us in song; God Bless America, and another stretched out in WV.

    I've posted an album with more photos in my profile section and finally updated

    Enjoy the spirit.

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