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RPM's estimates


does anyone know how what the estimated RPM's for a given speed in a given gear on a TC96 motor. I'm more curious about this than anything.
Buy a tach!!!!!!!!!

I dont come to this thread often, but this is why. The guy asked a simple ? and he doesnt deserve a smart answer.

I also am looking for the rpm vs mph for my 07 FLSTC and have looked all over the internet for over an hour and still cant find the correct answer. I have found at least 5 diffenent ones and they are different by 8 mpr's from each other, not knowing what to believe now!

So when someone asks a simple answer on this forum, dont bash him, because he doesnt want to spend another $500.00 on a tach installed on his bike, that he does not want, (I dont either) he just want to get a simple answer if anyone can help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

threads almost a year old little late for a rant i think..

there are also a lot of variables which make it truley hard to get a precise mph =rpm and moco dont help by changeing gearing pulleys etc etc every year

Glider, was unable to get this link to work. Anyone else have a problem?

well if this helps 80mph on my 09 ultra is below 3000rpm in 6th and would hazard a guess that the magic 100mph will be below 4000rpm (not seen 100 yet on the ultra :))

Huh! Whatdoyamean "haven't seen 100 on the Ultra". Getting old, timid? :D

Hold it..........maybe an imposter is using Hobbit's identity!!!!!:p
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