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Royal Purple

Royal purple is a good oil but Other brands I have found have more beneficial additive packages. If you do a search for oils, you'll come up with a lot of reading that will show the differences.
Has anyone tried this type of oil before? I was told engine, trans and primary. I'm new to all this let me know.

I use Royal Purple in my transmission...has made a noticeable difference. Much smoother and no "Clunk" when shifting. When I change it its looks like it did when it went in the tranny. I was turned onto it by a old biker in the area....A guy somewhat like Glider our local go to guy!...Am sure theres better stuff on the market, and worst as well. For me its done as I was told as far as smoothing the shift.
Fourdogs, what oil weight do you use?, I can't find any Spectro as Glider recommended, I can get royal purple or amsoil at local stores.