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Round Air Cleaner?


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:eamI have a black Nighster and I'd like to find a round 5-7" air cleaner. I have looked all over with no results. I want the aircleaner for looks more than performance. Having the cover painted or powdercoated black would be a big plus!

I've already tried the dealer, no luck. Maybe now that the new "Cross Bones" has been released, I could get the one from there and modify.
Thanks Glider - They have painted air cleaner covers in the P&A book, but no round ones for Sporty. ThunderMax does have nearly what I'm looking fro, but would have to powdercoat over the chrome.
The round one you are looking for may be the cover to an after market stage 1 being it is round and not oblong. You may have trouble locating a round one to fit your stock intake because of the shape.