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    I am headed back to the dealer today where I bought my 2012 flhx and see if they can figure out the noise coming from the transmission on the right side. This will be my 2nd trip and they assure me there top mechanic will be the one to look at it. The last trip they told me it was the cluch causing it, so they adjusted my cluch and fixed nothing.( they did make 2nd gear harder to get in to). I think they don't find the noise because they let the bike sit long enough to let the transmission cool down, and then they don't want to ride it to warm it back up, so when I get there I will leave the bike running until they look at it.
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    I find it interesting that a customer has a complaint while riding and bike is hot. Then the dealer refuses to ride bike. What are they afraid of breaking down????
    I hope they get you squared away. :newsmile058:
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    what they should do is ride the bike when you get there, to confirm the problem.
    This way you know they at least heard it, and they have some place to start.
    See how long it will take to get someone to ride the bike, once thats done, you can leave, an you know they heard the problem and rode the bike while it was still warm
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    Well I went to the dealer and they brought the best mechanic out and after about 20 min. they heard the noise that I have been complaining about, thats the good news, the bad news is, it's normal, so the forman says, the mechanic said he won't say it's normal and he won't say it's not, but he did say it was clearly there. So they wrote up a work order so there was a paper trail for me and told me to ride the heck out of it, it should be fine.
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    Weird, my dealer will walk out there with me and verify the problem with me taking good notes to ensure the mechanic knows what the real source of the problem is.

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    If your NOT using Redline Shockproof Heavy,,,,, I would do so...

    NOISE Disappears when that gear oil is used...

    Many HD tranny's on different bikes and many miles to Prove IT WORKS...:s

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    I have not been able to find it, I am still looking for it in my area.
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    Harley Davidson Community have you tried this clutch adjustment and do you know what you have for lube in your tranny? May try some gear oil:s
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    I had this chatter from the right side where the ramp for the clutch is located. I took it apart to confirm it was in one piece, it was. Then I noted that when you release cable to adjust the clutch this ramp did not always return to the starting point even with loose cable. This means that when you adjust the clutch until lightly seated it is not all the way open on the ramp. put together and then I worked the clutch (lightly) while also turning the clutch adjustment screw in and out on left side and while it lightly seated I could feel and see that I was able to turn the adjustment in a little further each time until it went no more and bottomed out. Then I adjusted the clutch the 1/2 to 1 turn to my liking. no more noise since I did this. Perhaps there are two bikes that do this.
    +1 on Redline shockproof