Rough idle on 04 E-Glide

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by 1classyE-Glide, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. 1classyE-Glide

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    Last week-end I traded for a 2004 FLHTC. The bike has 27,000 miles on it. My question is about a rough idle. The dealer I bought it from said it was not a problem and the bike had been gone over and serviced. It does not stall out while idling nor does it stall when motor is raced and quickly brought back to idle. My first impression was that it had a mild cam installed in the 88 CI motor, because it felt and sounded like it had a mild lope. It runs great and sounds great but just has this slight vibration at idle. Being a relatively new comer to the Harley world I did not know if this is normal for this year and engine or should I be worried. (Happy but confused)
  2. glider

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    Remove the gas cap and see if you hear a wooshing of gas with the ignition on and motor not running. It could be a bad fuel line in the tank.
  3. dd1228

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    I have an 02 FLHTC with 70k miles and it always had a little vibration from idle up to 2000 rpm. Just the nature of the beast.
  4. Breeze3at

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    If by "rough idle" you mean the engine is bouncing around at idle, it is normal. The engine is mounted on big rubber pads, and shakes at idle. The dealer could have done a better job of explaining it to you.
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    #1 on that Breeze, specialy to a new owner of an HD product IMO:s
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    I have to laugh I got my first harley a month and a half ago went on my first ride and the first stop sign I came to i thought that the rotors were warped so bad that it shook the entire bike.However once i got stopped the vibration was still there i now know that it is the nature of the beast and i love it
  7. 1classyE-Glide

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    I didn't grow up owning a Harley but had some buddies that did and always knew about the Harley's of old rattling your teeth out. I was hoping that what I was feeling was the nature of the beast because it certainly is not annoying. I haven't been quite honest with all this because I didn't want to have to answer for my actions. This 04 with a 88CI is not as smoothe at idle as my 08 with a 96CI in it. Now my secret is out... I traded my 08 Heritage Softail Classic down for my 04 Electra Glide Classic. Thanks everyone for your input. No I have not taken the gas lid of while I had the ign. on. I will try this tomorrow.
  8. R. Lewis

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    Hope you got a great deal trading the 08 for the 04!!!!
  9. 1classyE-Glide

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    Thanks Tank for the info. I might not know a lot about Harley motors but I know enough about motors in general that I really didn't think there was a problem. The thing I really know a lot about is that when you don't know something for sure then you ask someone that does. That is why I brought my concerns to this forum. As far as wheather I got a good deal or not ...well I guess that is liken to's in the eyes of the holder. I think I got a great deal. I was allowed exactly what I paid for my softail 16 months earlier and was paid some money to boot.
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    Classy E,

    I noticed the same thing when I went from my 2005 Heritage Classic to my 2004 Ultra. It's the difference between the A & B motors as others have described.