Rough idle,backfire off throttle,stalls cold

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    Im new to this site,Waited till im 50 to finally get a Harley.Bought used 2006 classic with 16k on it.I've been riding it for little over a year now and this condition has started over time. Has new plugs installed. Checked injectors found to be updated #s. When I spray throttle body cleaner slowly on top of front head to manifold flange engine will slow and die.Looks like o-rings need replacing.Can anyone tell me whats involved in replacing them.any other suggestions pertaining to this model year.Thanks
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    Welcome to The Forum, This is not a hard job if you have the right tools. Clean and tight, alignment before tightening is critical. Use good gaskets and go slow:s Here is a PDF showing the gaskets for a Screaming Eagle Intake it may give you an idea of what you are looking at. A service manual for YOUR bike will be a big plus, Good Luck:s
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