Rough Day Monday

Discussion in 'General OFF TOPIC' started by oldhippie, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. oldhippie

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    It was a real rough day on Monday.
    Got a call from my youngest daughter mid afternoon and she was quite rattled. There was a little old lady in her 80's who'd gotten off the bus my girl was on. The lady walked just up the street and started to cross at the intersection in front of a semi. Unfortunately she didn't have a "Walk" light. She'd gotten partway across, realized she'd made a mistake, but the light turned green for traffic. The semi driver couldn't see her and she was run over. Because the bus was behind the semi, everyone on board saw the mangled body. Suffice it to say she'll have no choice but a closed casket.
    My daughter and her boyfriend, along with everyone else, exited the bus since it wasn't going any further. That scene is still playing over and over in their minds.

    While I was talking with her, there was a police car speeding out east from my place with lights and siren going. Found out around supper time that my wife's cousin (2nd or 3rd I think, she has alot of relatives in this area) was creamed by a gravel truck when she pulled out from a side road. She hadn't taken the time to stop properly before pulling out onto the highway. It took over 4 hrs for them to free her body from the wreckage because the truck was well into her little car.

    These two incidents just got me thinking: don't be shy in telling your family, friends and co-workers to drive safe. Hopefully that little comment may get them to take that extra second to make sure they're safe in their travels. Every time I tell my daughters to drive carefully, they usually respond with a 'ya, ya I know' but I don't intend to stop telling them.

    And while I'm at it, I wish everyone here safe travels.:rider
  2. lakeforktx

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    Oh man ... thats rough.thats proof you never know..can't take anything for granted. Hope all find peace...
  3. oldhippie

    oldhippie Senior Member

    My wife's cousin was killed instantly.:(
  4. horizonchaser

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    What a terrible tragedy. Sorry it had to be witnessed so graphically.
    You have certainly got me thinking about the dangers out there wether as a pedestrian or as a motorist.
  5. dbmg

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    Great topic to bring up oldhippie. With the fast pass of society today and the unlimited amount of distractions abound, at times we loose focus as to what is at hand. Hopefully those that you encourage take you seriously.
    God Speed to those in your story and may your daughter make peace with what she has witnessed..
  6. poohbear

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    Need to remember to say “ I love you" to your family often too...
  7. Mongo1958

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    Sorry for you and your family. Prayers sent.

    Be alert at all times.
  8. mat 60

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    Very sorry for all involved. One can only hope as hard as it is to see this it could in turn make someone think and therefore save a life..Mabe even you or me....One can hope..
  9. gator508

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    Old Hippie,

    Soryy to hear of your wife's loss and the older lady. What a terrible Monday you had. Time is a great healer!
  10. R_W_B

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    Ummm those are some rough stories oldhippie. Life can be brutal sometimes. You are correct though. My wife and I always tell each other as one is leaving, to pay attention to the road and watch what is going down.

    There are no guarantees in this life, but it pays to be alert.