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    I have an '04 FLHSTC with 121,000+ miles (engine has 21,000 miles). After I ride about 150 miles, I hear a distinct clicking noise coming from the front wheel area (although it could be the rear wheel area, hard to tell), and it persists for the duration of the trip, and even into the next day. The sound is not unlike the sound made when as children in the 50s, we'd attach playing cards to the front fork of our bikes to slap against the spokes, except that the noise is not continuous (as if hitting all the spokes), but coincident with one rotation of the wheel.

    The frequency of the noise is directly proportional to the rotation of the wheel. The noise is more pronounced at lower engine RPM, because of reduced engine noise.

    Even with a flashlight, I don't see anything obvious that's causing this noise, but it's really aggravating. Clearly, something is hitting something, but even after three 300-mile trips, whatever is causing it is still there.

    I have floating rotors, so a warped rotor is probably not it. New brake pads about two months ago, and the noise began shortly thereafter, so brake pads improperly installed could be it, but again, I have floating rotors. Wheel bearings were my first thought, but the noise is not what I'd expect out of a wheel bearing going bad. Any ideas?
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    Remove the caliper, hang the front end off the ground, rotate the wheel with your hand on the tubes do you feel a vibration or growl? This would be bad bearings
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    I have noticed this after replacing brake pads.I swapped sides with pads and problem did not reoccur.