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    Better late than never!

    I left Mpls MN on the 16th and caught up with the National Veterans Awareness Riders in Des Moines. Since then, the days have been a whirlwind; stopping at Vets Homes and hospitals, and schools, three square meals from Legions, VFW's or AMVETS (I've never eaten so well on a road trip!) Meeting all the Vets was a pleasure, and the scenery across America was magnificent. A screaming ride through Indianapolis at 70-80, under police escort, across freeways shut down for our passing was a blast.

    After 41,000 miles across the trails of Vietnam, riding the same Fat Boy on the Run to the Wall was an emotional climax to an adventure of a lifetime.

    Made the Protest Run through DC today. As with each day of the trip so far, it was another experience to behold, and humbled. Leaving for Ground Zero in the morning.

    Days have been great, but after washing the road grime off, doing a mail check and a couple of blogs, my lights go out.
    For more photos and info, you can check out Harley Tracks Facebook fan page - blog at web site noted.

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    I have heard over 900,000 STRONG were there at The Wall...

    Hopeful, Next year I'll ride instead of watch from the side-lines.

    Proud of a neighboring community. Willcox Az.
    One of the many Planned stops for gas and donated lunch provided by local Elks Club.. The southern run out of california went thru here (Willcox Az.) on I-10 headed to Las Cruses NM for their over-night stop..

    ALL the businesses and little shops along their into town route, employees and owners, were out with the Long Pole Flags displayed, Waving Proudly as the rider group left the truck gas stop and headed into town for their water and lunch. Families along the sides of the roads waved and CHEERED the bikers as they passed.

    Great response for the riders.....

    MAN did I feel PUMPED... Gotta ride next year for sure, Lord willing.

    Even if for only a day out with the group and back home the same day.

    Bikers and On-lookers showing Support and RESPECT for the many who could not make the run but the bikers took them along in Memory and went to see their names on that Wall....:42:

    Thanks for your posting.........

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    I live near DC and have done Rolling Thunder many times. I now ride down and party with friends instead of doing the actual ride. It's awesome being a spectator and watching bikes doing the ride pass by for hours
    I've gotta say I get choked up on the ride into DC. Every highway overpass is crowded with people waving, holding flags, saluting whatever.
    The old guy who stands in the back of a pickup saluting for hours is the best.
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    With all good intention, my reporting of the trip fell apart at Cape Cod. I left the bike in Boston to fly back and spend time with family to lay my Father to rest, and hear Taps once more on my journey. So glad I spoke with him on Memorial Day to thank him for his service. My ride after that was one of covering miles quickly. I remained to my planned route, but without time for leisure.

    The ride with the National Veterans Awareness Ride was filled with emotional ups and downs, followed with sadness and respectful reflections while finishing a ride across America in the spirit of freedom.

    From Boston I rolled through New England, up to Quebec to see the great Seaway, then down to Montreal for a long cold wet ride to Sault St. Marie. I blew through Michigan for a ferry ride to Milwaukee and a short visit at the
    H-D Museum. Arriving in Mpls late saturday night was a good ride and good idea - sunday was wet and cold.

    Got to work Monday morning and struggled with posting to my blog on my web site and photos to the Facebook.

    Spending a few days with Mom, (who is doing well) and will hopefully get into a routine next week.

    A photo album is open in my album section, and more photos and info are in my Facebook and web sites.

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